The sunny side of the street gets things going in the sunny village. Where there is a thematic path devoted to the sun, a sun playground with Kneipp hydrotherapy facilities, an “art of the sun” exhibition in the village center, and natural solariums, then one fact is just a logical conclusion: Terenten can be proud and pleased to have the longest sunshine in all of South Tyrol. So it is not such a surprise that the residents are a group that also has a sunny disposition.
The view of the land and working the land are closed tied together in Terenten. Farming traditions are lovingly maintained, just as they have always been. Grain is still milled into flour here in the old mills on the Terner Bach stream. That which is baked from it can be tasted within the setting of the Terner Schmelzpfandl (“Terento Melting Pot” Culinary Week).

The sunny village
The village of Terenten is located on a high plateau above the Pustertal valley at an elevation of 1,210 m (3,970 ft.) directly on the Sun Road of the valley. As a result of its very bright location, the town is known as the sunny village of the Pustertal valley. And rightfully so. In the winter, the sun shines from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., and in the summertime, even as late as 8:00 P.M., thus making Terenten the village with the longest sunshine in all of South Tyrol. The locals have a saying that “In Terenten, the sun never sets.” The new Sunny Village Seal confirms the many hours of sun. The number 2285 represents the average number of sunshine hours per annum in Terenten measured over the past five years! This idyllic vacation destination is very popular with guests, casting its spell so that many return again and again.

The brightness has a very positive effect upon the residents, too. In order to emphasize the status of the sun even further, so-called “natural solariums” have been built in Terenten, the first of their kind in South Tyrol. They can be found at two different locations in the village and offer not only the opportunity for healthy vitamin D therapy and, at the same time, full deceleration from everyday life, but also a lovely panorama view of the Dolomites. Turn your face to the sun, and then you will leave the shadows behind you! (A blessing.)

Being active outdoors is not hard to do in Terenten – a good many of the sights worth seeing have to be reached for the first time by foot: whether it is visiting the old mills or the mysterious earth pyramids, whether it is taking a trip to the old Aschburg ruins or one of the deep blue lakes – whoever wants to listen to curious legends and magical stories will take the path by foot. And then winter will turn the village of sun into a village of snow. Thankfully, the ski resort Gitschberg Jochtal is just around the corner. And those who would still like to practice can take the Panorama lift right in the village. This miniature ski area is quiet, cozy, and perfect for the whole family. Just like the village itself. Peaceful and radiant, it is perfectly posed there: the transition from a natural landscape to a cultural one is seamless and harmonious.

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