It’s easy to see why they attract scores of visitors from far and near: the earth pyramids in the sunny village of Terenten, in the Pustertal valley, are a real spectacle. They formed in 1837, when a historic storm triggered a landslide. A huge amount of debris was washed away by the torrential Terner stream, along with a number of residential buildings. The rocks that form the pyramids themselves, however, are far older: they originate from moraine deposits dating back to the Ice Age! As years went by, massive columns formed through a process of erosion, sporting a “protective” capstone at their top – and that’s how the earth pyramids in Terenten came to be. A natural spectacle that never fails to amaze children and adults alike.

The earth pyramids in Terenten are an ideal destination for a family day out, as they are only an easy 40-minute walk through a thick spruce wood. We especially recommend the route that takes you along the family-friendly Mühlenweg, the mill path in Terenten. This themed path starts in the village centre and leads past five different mills, some of which are up to 500 years old! There are a total of seven historical mills located along the course of the Terner stream, one of which is open for visits every Monday during the summer season. Another recommended route that will take you to the earth pyramids in Terenten is the Nature and Culture path that starts at the village car park and leads to the Pichnermoos biotope. From there, the path continues to the picturesque village of Margen before reaching the Mühlental valley and the earth pyramids. Enjoy the spectacular view of this nearly 200-year-old natural monument – a memorable experience for nature lovers and culture fans alike.

The earth pyramids in Terenten and the mill-themed path are only two of the many attractions our area has to offer. Take a look at the Fane Alm Alpine resort or the idyllic Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm high plateau for more inspiration!