Are you dreaming of a walk in an idyllic mountain landscape, possibly including a place of cultural and historical interest? Then Fane Alm is the perfect destination for you. Nestled in the spectacular Pfunderer mountains that embrace the Valsertal valley, this Alpine resort is a fairy-tale setting incarnate! Fane Alm is a mountain pasture dotted with shingle-coated residential huts and haylofts, a small church and three inns, all scattered across a lush, verdant meadow. It has been named “South Tyrol’s most beautiful Alpine mountain resort” – and for good reason.

Curiously enough, its origins were far from idyllic. In fact, Fane Alm dates back to the Middle Ages, and was originally set up as a colony for lepers and cholera patients. Today, however, Fane Alm is one of the most popular hiking destinations in South Tyrol, attracting scores of nature lovers, mountaineers and walkers every year. If you are thinking this would be a great place for a day out with your family, then why not take a walk along the Milchsteig? On this themed educational path, your children will learn interesting facts about cows and milk – for example, did you know that more than 300 cows are brought to graze the fresh grass of Fane Alm in the summer? You will also have the opportunity to taste and buy the cheese made with their milk.

By virtue of its stunning landscape, Fane Alm has also become a filming location for films and TV series. For example, it was Fane Alm that inspired the screenplay for “Smitten!”, Barry Morrow’s romantic comedy.

The best thing about this place is that it makes a fantastic destination all year round. With its unspoilt natural charm, Fane Alm is a hiking Mecca in winter as well as in summer. Whether you prefer to escape the July scorchers and enjoy your share of fresh mountain air and bright green expanses, or to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of a glimmering snowscape, Fane Alm will steal your heart and make you want more. Luckily, there is more: the Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm high plateau and the earth pyramids in Terenten are definitely worth a visit, too!

To get to Fane Alm by car, drive to the end of the Valsertal valley, where you will find the Fane Alm car park. From there, the road to Fane Alm is closed to car traffic from 9 a.m. in the period from mid-June to the end of September. If you don’t fancy the walk, a shuttle will take you from the car park to Fane Alm (for a fee).
To get from Vals to Fane Alm on foot, you can take the Milchsteig path. Alternatively, experienced hikers can take the Jochtalbahn lift that ascends to the Jochtal restaurant at 2,007 metres (free fare for Almencard holders) and take the Rotensteiner High Mountain Trail to Fane Alm, returning to Vals via the Milchsteig path.