Our Alpine region offers a number of lookout platforms with impressive panoramic views. We recommend the Astjoch, Stoaner Mandl, as well as the Gitschberg with views of more than 500 mountain summits. There is also a platform at the Rodeneck / Lüsen Alm with a description of each single summit.

Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg - Summit Gitsch
Region: Meransen/Maranza
Duration: 1h 20min
Length: 2 km
Altitude: 408 m
Startpoint: Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg
EndPoint: Summit Gitsch

Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg - hiking trail no. 12 - Gitschhütte hut - south side of the mountain - summit Gitschberg - panoramic platform.

From the alp of Rodeneck-Lüsen to the summit corss Astjoch
Region: Rodeneck
Duration: 5h 20min
Length: 20 km
Altitude: 448 m
Startpoint: Parking lot Zumis 1730m
EndPoint: Mountain Summit Astjoch

Parking lot Zumis - hiking trail Confin - Ronerhütte hut - hiking trail no. 2 eastward - chapel Pianer Kreuz - Rastnerhütte hut - go straight Starkenfeldhütte hut - alpine meadow Astalm - hiking trail no. 67 - mountain summit Astjoch - way down southern - Kreuzwiesenalm hut - hiking trail no. 2A - alpine meadow Raffreidalm - alpine meadow Steineralm - alpine meadow Astalm - hiking trail no. 2A and 2 - parking lot Zumis

Spinges/Spinga - Steinermandl
Region: Spinges
Duration: 5h 0min
Length: 12.5 km
Altitude: 750 m
Startpoint: Parking lot Bild Wetterkreuz
EndPoint: Parking lot Bild Wetterkreuz

Parking lot Bild Wetterkreuz - direction north Aichnerwiesen - Steinermandl - return way over Tonich - Villa Defregger - Jutz Brücke - parking lot Bild Wetterkreuz

Rienzschlucht Panoramic Platform
Region: Rodeneck
Duration: 2 min
Distance: 400 m
Elevation gain: 0 m
Departure point: Rodeneck/Vill car park
Destination: Rienzschlucht panoramic platform

Rodeneck/Vill car park - Left junction opposite the entrance of the Rodeneck cemetery/parish church – Rienzschlucht platform