The mills of Terento-Terenten are a popularity excursion destination. In order to keep the tradition of the mills alive, an interesting instructional path was set up at which various tablets explain the function and the history of the Terento mills. Halfway along, it is possible to see the famous earth pyramids.

In conjunction with the event “s’Terner Schmelzpfandl” (the “Terento Melting Pot”), the mills of Terento are really presented properly. Because on those occasions, the mills are actually put into operation. Grain is then ground into flour with the water-driven wooden wheels, just like in grandfather’s day.

From the car park in the village centre you hike in a north-westerly direction for 100 m along the Strada del Sole Road until you reach the Ternerbach River. This is the start of the educational mills path. Follow the sign-posts. At half way you reach the pyramids. After approximately 10 min. you will get to the 5 main mills. At Hansleitner Mill you can cross the bridge leading to the other side of the river. You hike past an old farm and reach the ski lift. From here you take the field path back to the village centre.

Duration: 1,5 h