If winter has left you exhausted and in need of a new balance, why not treat yourself to a spring break in South Tyrol? The Ski & Holiday Area Rio Pusteria is the perfect destination to unwind and enjoy the contact with nature! Breathe in the fresh mountain air and before you know it you will be bursting at the seams with energy, ready to welcome summer.
While you are here, do not miss the chance to have a walk on the Balance Trail in Maranza – an 11-station path specifically designed to help you recover balance and inner peace.

It starts with stations 1 and 2, where you have to rotate your joints and make apple-picking movements respectively; the two exercises are meant to improve your physical equilibrium. Station 3 focuses on the senses: a silent barefoot walk where you concentrate on the terrain and become aware of every bump, blade of grass and pebble under your feet. This helps stimulate circulation in the lower limbs.

Station 4 is located under a tree, where you can lie down and listen to the wind playing with the leaves. At station 5, your equilibrium is put to the test as you try to balance on a tree trunk; this exercise strengthens the sense of balance and coordination.

Station 6 is ideal for those who like to be at one with nature: hug a tree, touch its bark and smell its fragrance to absorb some of its energy. When you are done, you are kindly invited to station 7 for a very special concert: sit back on a lounger by the brook and listen to the relaxing melody of the rushing water.

Station 8 is about letting it all out: scream at the top of your lungs into the megaphone and release your anger to restore your emotional balance. Station 9 is a power charging station: behold the stone, feel it and you will see what we mean! Reach station 10 for a breathing exercise: lift your arms sideways as you breathe in through your nose, then breathe out through your mouth and let your arms fall down by your sides. This is a simple but very effective exercise. Last but not least, the eleventh station is an energy site where you can power up.
Take a stroll down the Balance Trail and enjoy your spring break in South Tyrol to the fullest!