Ski tours in South Tyrol are characterised by fantastic ascents, wonderful views and challenging descents. Trudging up the slopes along with the first rays of the sun, your own breath hanging in front of your face in the cold morning air, just being alone with yourself and nature, the snow crackling under the skins stretched over your skis. Ski tourers seek the tranquility beyond the hubbub of the ski runs and are rewarded with a colossal view that was achieved under their own power above the rocky giants in the neighborhood, as well as the privilege of laying the first tracks down the slopes through the undisturbed white.
One rewarding and not too demanding tour is the path to the “Il Giogo-Am Joch” peak at an elevation of 2,240 m (7,349 ft.), past views of the Sellastock, the Odle-Geisler chain, and the Sciliar-Schlern, all the way to the Zillertal Alps and the Vedrette di Ries-Rieserferner chain. Prepare to be astounded at 360 degrees.

However, using pistes as ascent is strictly forbidden for ski tourers, both during the day and at night for safety reasons.
Pistes are closed off from 5.00 pm and when heavy snow-grooming machinery and winches are in play, there is immediate danger to life and limb!

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