“Win your holiday” Prize Competition

Pursuant to Art. 11 of Italian Presidential Decree N° 430 of 26 October 2001.

Sponsor Company: Gitschberg Jochtal AG

Registered office address: 1 Via Jochtal, 39037 Valles/Vals (BZ), Italy

VAT N° and Tax Code: 02447970217

Company delegated: IPM Italia Srl, 13 Via Stradella, 20129 Milan (MI)

Aims and products promoted: To promote the sponsor’s brand and services

Duration: From 22/06/2020 to 22/12/2020

Final draw: By 15/01/2021
Eligibility: Open to individuals aged 18 years or over (hereafter Participant/s)

Estimated total prize pool: €4,000.00 (VAT excluded)

Security deposit: Bank guarantee in favour of the Ministry of Economic Development covering 100% of total prize winnings envisaged (as per Art. 7, para. 2 of Italian Presidential Decree N° 430 of 26 October 2001)

Publicity material: This event will be advertised online and by direct marketing. The Sponsor reserves the right to advertise the event using the methods they consider the most suitable. This event will in any case be advertised in conformity with competition regulations.

Rules and regulations: Full rules and regulations are available at:

Competition procedure:
Participants will be able to enter this prize competition from 22nd June 2020 to 22nd December 2020 by registering in either of the two ways described below.

a) Online registration:
After registering on www.winyourholiday.it, Participants may enter the prize draw by filling in all the compulsory fields on the registration form provided, namely: given name, surname, date of birth and valid e-mail address.
Once registration has been completed, the Participant will be entitled to take part in the final draw.
An online service will be activated from 00:00 hours on 22/06/2020 until 11:59 p.m. on 22/12/2020.

b) Registration via postcard:
Participants may also enter the prize draw by filling out a participation card that will be distributed during promotional tours organised by the Sponsor and dropping it into the designated boxes.
The Participant’s prior consent to the processing of personal data for the sole purpose of entering the competition is an essential condition for taking part, as is acceptance of the Regulations.
Any false personal details registered will not be considered valid for a win and the Sponsor reserves the right to ban any Participants providing false details when entering the prize draw.
Final draw:
10 winners and 10 reserve winners will be drawn at random from a database containing the names of all competition entrants.
The prize draw will take place by 15th January 2020 in the presence of a notary or a Chamber of Commerce representative.
Unassigned or unclaimed prizes will be reallocated to a reserve winner following the order of extraction.
If 10 (ten) days have passed without it being possible to trace a winner, the first reserve drawn will be selected following the same procedure, until the prize has been awarded to a reserve winner or, as a last resort, to a designated non-profit organisation.

Participation in the competition is reserved to individuals who are aged 18 or over.
Each Participant may enter the competition once and may win a maximum of 1 prize.

The Sponsor’s employees or collaborators, the company delegated and all companies involved in conducting and managing the competition are excluded from participation.
Details of prizes:

Order of drawPrize DescriptionQuantity  Individual commercial value (VAT excluded) Total commercial value (VAT excluded)
1st prizeA 2-night stay at 4-star-superior Hotel Masl* for two people*1€600.00€600.00 
2nd prize A 2-night stay at 4-star Hotel Falkensteinerhof* for two people*1€520.00€520.00 
3rd prizeA 2-night stay at 3-star-superior Hotel Schönblick* for two people*1€480.00€480.00 
4th prizeA 2-night stay at 3-star Hotel Oberlechner* for two people*1€420.00€420.00 
5th – 10th prizeA day-long adventure for the whole family (max. 2 adults and 3 children)**6€330.00€330.00 

 TOTAL 10 €4,000.00 

* Included in the stay:
  • Accommodation in a double room and half-board arrangement for the winner and their companion for 2 days/2 nights.

The following are not included in the stay: transfer costs to and from the hotel, personal expenses, extras and everything else not specifically mentioned.
Stays may be booked throughout the 2020-21 winter season and 2021 summer season, excluding bank holiday periods.
In the event that the winner and/or their companion fail to present themselves at the hotel in the agreed period, the prize will be considered as fully awarded and neither shall have any further claim.

** The day-long adventure consists of a guided outdoor experience (a hike, an MTB tour, a rafting tour or a ski experience). The following are not included: overnight stay, personal expenses, extras and everything else not specifically mentioned.

Adventures may be booked throughout the 2020-21 winter season and 2021 summer season, excluding bank holiday periods.

Market value of prizes:
The total prize pool is €4,000.00 (VAT excluded). The market value of the prizes is to be understood as of the date on which the Regulations were drawn up.
Notification of winnings:
Within 7 days of the date of the report assigning the win, the Sponsor will inform the winner by e-mail (using the address given by the Participant on registration), with instructions for collecting the prize.

Winner’s response:
The winner must reply to the notification e-mail within 10 days, and must provide all the documents requested.
Documents Required:
Winners will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Confirmation of acceptance of the prize with personal details filled in;
  • Photocopy of a valid identity document.

If a winner does not send their details within the deadline (10 days from notification), or cannot be contacted, or if different personal details were used on registration from those shown on the identity document sent, or the winner is under 18 years old, or in the event of any other irregularity, the prize will be considered unassigned. The first reserve winner drawn will be contacted following the same procedure, and so on, until the prize has been awarded to a reserve winner or, as a last resort, donated to a designated non-profit organisation.

Transfer of prizes:
A prizewinner may not transfer their prize to a third party.

Delivery of prizes:
The Sponsor will oversee the delivery of prizes, and will do so by any means they deem appropriate in order to ensure that the prize is delivered to the winner.
Deadline for delivering prizes:
The deadline for delivering prizes will be within 6 months of the end of the prize draw or of the date of a prize claim, as provided for by Italian Presidential Decree No 430 of 26/10/2001.

Unassigned or unclaimed prizes:
Any unassigned or unclaimed prizes, other than those refused, will be donated to the following non-profit organisation: Fondazione ABIO Italia Onlus per il Bambino in Ospedale (ABIO Italy Charity Fund for Children in Hospital), 33 Via Don Gervasini – 20153 Milan, tax code: 97384230153.

Payment of withholding tax:
The Sponsor undertakes to pay the withholding tax within the terms and to the extent envisaged by Art. 30 of Italian Presidential Decree No 600 of 29/9/1973.
Waiver of right to refund:
The Sponsor waives their right over winners to a refund of the withholding tax as per Art. 30 of Italian Presidential Decree No 600 of 29/9/1973.

Refusal of a Prize:
In the event a prize is expressly refused by a winner, it may remain at the disposal of the Sponsor.

Location of server:
The server set up to collect participants’ data is located on Italian territory.

It is specified that:
Participation in this prize draw is subject to full acceptance of the Competition Regulations.
The consistency and authenticity of the data supplied on registration are indispensable conditions for participation.
Participation in this prize draw is free, except for the cost of internet connection, which is to be paid by Participants according to the tariff plan charged by their telephone provider, without any surcharge.

Privacy policy:
Participants agree that their the personal data, provided to the Sponsor for the purpose of entering the prize draw, may be processed in compliance with the provisions of European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on data protection, including by electronic means, for purposes exclusively related to the administration of the competition.
The data controller is Gitschberg Jochtal AG with registered office in Via Jochtal 1, 39037, Valles/Vals (BZ) – Italy.
For more information please visit: www.winyourholiday.it

Performance and guarantees:
The Sponsor takes no responsibility for any technical issue or malfunction affecting technical equipment, computers, cables, electronic appliances, software and hardware, data transmission, telephone line or Internet connection that might hinder the participant’s access to or use of the website and, in general, prevent them from entering the competition and/or receiving the notification of winnings.
Neither does the Sponsor take any responsibility in the case of non-delivery of the notification of winnings due to a participant’s e-mail address and/or personal data being wrong or false, or in the event their mailbox is full or no longer active, or if e-mails are not received in time due to being identified as spam or the e-mail address given on registration is on a black list, or in any other case for which responsibility cannot be attributed to the Sponsor.

The Sponsor shall in no case be liable for any problem, loss or damage arising from the winner’s use/enjoyment of the prizes, nor for the winner’s misuse of prizes.
The Sponsor reserves the right to ban participation or cancel the winnings of any Participants who do not take part in good faith (dual identity, multiple registration with different e-mail addresses, etc.).
Participants who – according to the final decision of the Sponsor or third parties appointed by them to manage the competition – win by using means and instruments able to evade randomness, or in a manner deemed suspicious, fraudulent or in violation of the normal procedure of the event, will not be allowed to benefit from the prize won in that way.
The Sponsor, or companies appointed by them to manage the competition, reserve the right to proceed, in the terms considered the most suitable and in compliance with the laws in force, to restrict and prevent any initiative aimed at circumventing the system.
The images and colours of the prizes displayed on all the promotional material are merely indicative.
Should a prize become unavailable, the Sponsor reserves the right to replace it with one of equal or greater value.
Prizes may not be replaced, or converted into money, gold coins or any equivalent currency.
Any request by a winner for an alternative prize will not be granted.
For anything not indicated in these Regulations, the Sponsor refers to the contents of Italian Presidential Decree No 430/01.